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We CAN live in a world where KINDNESS, PEACE, and LOVE are the new realities? What if our lives can be filled with JOY and ALIVENESS?

What would you GIVE to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

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Why ZenPowerNow?

Dear readers, Welcome to my site. In this very first post of ZenPowerNow.com, I’m going to share with you my intention behind the site, including what the purpose of the site is. ZenPowerNow is a journey. An exploration into a deeper realm within. It’s a journey that has no beginning nor ending. And it’s eternal …
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Zen Stories

Show me your Temper

I love stories. Especially Zen Stories. Why? Because Zen stories contain wisdom, but they are also mysterious. Whenever I read a story I don’t understand at first hand, it awakens my curiosity and invites me to go deeper within to find its meaning. It’s a joyful process, especially when I “get” it :-). Throughout the …
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